About a month without Google Reader

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As a bit of an RSS junkie - see previous post - I had to go look for alternatives to Google Reader. I've been a feedly user on and off for a few years but I was never that taken with it. It does seem to do mostly do what it says on the tin and having various tablet apps available for feedly is a good thing, but it tends to run into a few issues with high-volume feeds (craigslist feeds, I'm looking at you). Mind you, the reoccuring Craigslist feed issue seems to be more of an issue with Craigslist themselves than feedly.

In the end I decided to do with a self-hosted installation of Tiny Tiny RSS. The UI isn't as spectacular as feedly's - OK, out of the box it's downright boring, and I haven't got around to playing with the themeing yet - but it does what it says on the tin, hasn't got problems with craigslist feeds and so far just works. Importing the OPML from Google Reader was a snap once I figured out how to export it from Google Reader so as a bonus I didn't have to mess with the folder structure that I had built up over time. Plus, as I self-host it, as long as I'm paying my hosting bill I don't have to worry about the service being discontinued.

Another way to use Emacs to convert DOS/Unix line endings

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