I switched jobs in October last year and getting up to speed in the new role did take priority over anything else, so I had to put a few other endeavours including this blog on hold for a little while.

The Hack 2.0 font got a lot of attention recently as a font specifically designed for use with source code. So of course I had to try it out in Emacs. I started with installing it on Mac OS X as that's the OS I use most for work and work - like activities.

As a lot of people keep pointing out over and over again, a job ad is an ad. Its often forgotten purpose is to get someone competent excited enough about your company and the job opening you're trying to fill to send in a well crafted resume with a well crafted cover email[^1].

I've moved from using Apache as a web server to nginx for various projects. The machines I'm running these projects on are a somewhat resource constrained and nginx deals with low resource machines much better than Apache does and tends to serve content faster in those circumstances. For example switching the machine that hosts this WordPress blog from Apache and mod_php to nginx with php-fpm improved the pingdom load times on this blog by about 30% with no other changes.

Artur Malabarba over on Endless Parentheses has a short post about embedding a YouTube video directly from org-mode. I haven't tried using it in org2blog yet, but I'm hoping/expecting that it'll work there, too.